1. Make sure you have the parts
  2. If any part is damaged or missing, please contact Customer Service.
  3. Warning: Product cannot be used as a grab bar.
  4. Beware of plumbing and electrical before drilling
  5. Wear safety goggles
  6. Use masking tape to reduce wall damage and for marking the hole locations

Recommended Tools for Installation

Tape Measure Pencil Phillips Screw Driver Electric Drill 3/32" Bit Masking Tape Level Goggles

Package Contents

Anchors 2X  (A) Screws 2X  (C) Cap Washers 2X  (B) Screw Caps 2X  (D)

Installation Steps

1. Place items on the wall. Ensure that they are level. Mark two holes. 2. Using a 3/32" inch drill bit make 2 holes on the marked spots.
3. Screw anchors into the holes until they are flush with the wall 4. Position holder over holes. Fasten to wall with fixed rings (C) (flat side to wall) and mounting screws (B). Finally cover caps (D)
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